Escape! (to Amsterdam)

Welcome Back!

Hey there Critter friends! It’s Derrig again, and I’m back with a cool video from our time abroad. A few of us attended Unite 2012 in Amsterdam, which was an awesome experience that I can’t wait for you to see!

What is Unite? It’s a special conference held every year for game developers using the Unity Engine! For those of you who don’t speak Geek, a game engine is the basic framework of a game that includes its most basic systems. Think of it like a foundation of a house, upon which you could build any type of house you like! Unity happens to be a really awesome engine and a great company to work with. They support creative thinking and enjoy helping smaller studios make great games that you might not get to see otherwise!

So Unite is a place where Unity Developers get together to share ideas, attend lots of great lectures, learn new tips and tricks for cooler games, and best of all – make new friends! This year it was held in Amsterdam, which is a world away from our studio in Charleston! It was quite a journey, and we had a great time learning from some really telented people. It was also an awesome chance to explore a city unlike any we’ve ever been to before, and if you get the opportunity you should definitely check out Amsterdam.

It was an awesome opportunity and a great time for the team. I hope you like the video of our trip. We’re already using some of the tips we learned to bring you some great new content coming soon. Until next time – keep saving those critters!

Dank je wel!


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